• Virgo Negative Traits

    “Every bean has its black”. In the same sense, everyone has his or her negative traits, so do Virgo people.

    Virgo Negative Traits

    • Overcritical
      Almost all Virgos strongly believe that they have analysis ability which is powerful enough to gain a clear picture of every troublesome scenario with full lines and shapes. Thus, they are given a total right to show others their criticism and judgment regardless of others’ controversy and annoyance. Not only criticizing other people, but Virgos also criticize themselves in serious demeanor. Why do I get up late this morning? I am worthless as I can’t finish my project on time. Stop complaining! It is time to work!
    • Negative Traits
    • Conservative
      Virgo people find it hard to accept others’ modern ideas instantaneously. The reason is because they need more time to test the efficiency, and effectiveness of such the ideas before putting them into practice. Besides, Virgos are unwilling to change their life routine since in their standpoint, such the routine is good enough to maintain. Hence, it is very easy to realize a Virgo who is under depression and anxiety via the change of his or her daily routine such as unstable sleeping schedule, irregular postures, unfamiliar gestures, etc.
    • Uncompromising
      Most Virgos are ready to speak out their ideas straightforwardly as they think that such the ideas are beneficial and helpful for receivers. Don’t care much about the receivers’ feeling and reaction, Virgos concur that it is needless to sugarcoat their words before saying. As time passes, their friends will figure out how effective and trustworthy Virgos’ ideas are.
    • Skeptical
      No detail can escape from the watchful eyes of Virgos. Hence, many Virgos are likely to look at the world through doubtful and suspicious glasses. It will take much time to establish a long-term relationship with Virgos, obviously. Once they have believed you, they will be by your side whenever needed.

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