• Virgo Man Weakness In Love

    Every guy born between August 23 and September 22 is categorized into the perfection-seeking Zodiac sign – Virgo. As the perfectionist, Virgo man mostly finds it hard to seek for the mate that is totally compatible with him. Meanwhile, his extreme criticism also drives the others to run away in the opposite direction. That somehow makes the love journey of the Virgins bumpy and rocky. If your concerns are about the Virgo weakness in love, it is informed that the man of this Zodiac sign turns to be easily vulnerable when it comes to true love.

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    Virgo Man Weakness In Love

    Virgo Man – What Are His Weak Points In Love?

    In the exterior aspects, people mistake the assumption that the Virgo men are very bold and stalwart. However, inside the heart, they are very vulnerable if being betrayed and cheated by the beloveds. As already noted, the Virgos usually desire for cleanliness and perfection that are their big love weaknesses. Since none is 100% perfect, the Virgo-born gentlemen have to take much time to understand such the fact. In the early stages of life, they waste lots of time and energy to trace the perfect mates for the seamless union.

    In addition, another weak point of Mr. Virgo in love is the analytical nature. He starts finding faults and mistakes in the detail-oriented demeanor that drives the mate to get crazy. There exists the wish list in the Virgo man’s mind, and he tries to ask the partner to behave appropriately to his wishes. If the girl fails to complete any point due to his demands, he will criticize her without any remorse.

    The harsh words even make the girl feel hurtful. However, the Virgo man doesn’t care for such the emotional damage since he has no bad intention when criticizing her (he thinks so!). All things he requires are to make her more compatible with him. In Horoscope wheel, the sixth Zodiac Sign is highly compatible with Taurus and Capricorn. Despite being romantic at heart, his criticism – the big weakness – may break the atmosphere unexpectedly.

    In some cases, they have the cold and distant attitude towards the others’ pain. Otherwise, they turn to be very caring and devoted if the mates can successfully meet his requirements of perfection. With the intense eyes on every detail around, the Virgins easily take notice of the unusual objects in their beds, and they hate the mess. Hence, they usually ask the partners to make the bed tidy.

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