Virgo Man in Love

Some features about Virgo men

With the symbol of “The Virgin”, Virgo is the sixth among total 12 signs. People, who are born between 24th August and 23rd September, are listed as the member as Virgo sign and men, who are born this sign, is known as Virgo men. In general, Virgo men are not talkative and they tend to stay away from the crowd.

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If you are friend or lover of Virgo men, you can see perfectionism is one of their typical personality traits. They always try to control everything around them to be perfect. Virgo men always care about their looks. Don’t surprise if you see they are ready to spend hours in front of the mirror for adjusting the crease on their pants. They want everything to be perfect, from their outside to their inside. Virgo men are also sincerity and dependability.

What do you expect from the Virgo man when falling in love?
Virgo Man in Love

The Virgo man is a great lover because he is loyal and committed to the woman he loved. If you put your eyes on him, you have to take time and patience to win his heart. However, it will be worth the wait because you will never feel uncaring and hopeless in your life when he falls in love with you. His love is like a steady flame, not as a flicker.

With their good memory, Virgo men are able to remember many details and you will never to remind them about birthdays, the first love date, anniversaries or other important dates. They will remember and keep their promises to you although they might not understand the meaning of these dates.

The ideal woman of Virgo Man

The Virgo man often adores the word “Perfection”. As a result, his goal is perfection in life. He tends to like sincere, intelligent and sensible woman. He will feel comfortable if the woman can go along and do everything with him. He will not like the women, who are dishonest, rude and ignorant. As a result, if you have a spotlessly clean house, great cooking skills, impeccable manners and a decent dressing, you are really stolen the Virgo man’s heart.

Virgo Man Love Match

With these above information, do you want to have the relationship with Virgo man? Let’s consider the signs, which are suitable with Virgo man. Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn women are the five most suitable matches for him. He can also match with Pisces, Libra and Leo women.

The Virgo man is easy to fall in love with the sincerity and simplicity of a woman. He does not hesitate to express his care and concern whenever you need him. Because of his reasonable and practical by nature, he does not make decisions based on his emotions. It is a great if you get married with the Virgo man. He is a stable and dependable support for his family. With his responsibility, you will not worry about financial issues with him.

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14 thoughts on “Virgo Man in Love

  1. Hello!

    I would like to know if someone could tell me how compatible my boyfriend and I are. We dated for 8 months and this month he decided to ask if I wanted to be “his” girl friend. We seem to get along WONDERFULLY! We love all the same things. Any insight would be greatly valued.

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    Mars Aquarius 7°11’30 in house 4 direct
    Jupiter Capricorn 13°22’05 in house 4 direct
    Saturn Scorpio 20°44’32 in house 2 direct
    Uranus Sagittarius 13°09’25 in house 3 direct
    Neptune Capricorn 0°07’42 in house 3 direct
    Pluto Scorpio 3°16’48 in house 1 direct
    True Node Taurus 27°25’52 in house 8 retrograde

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    Moon Aries 7°48’29 in house 6 direct
    Mercury Virgo 28°16’16 in house 12 direct
    Venus Cancer 20°53’33 in house 10 direct
    Mars Aries 11°23’53 in house 7 retrograde
    Jupiter Gemini 5°02’22 in house 8 direct
    Saturn Sagittarius 25°55’46 in house 3 stationary (D)
    Uranus Sagittarius 27°03’48 in house 3 retrograde
    Neptune Capricorn 7°31’43 in house 3 retrograde
    Pluto Scorpio 10°13’13 in house 2 direct
    True Node Pisces 14°04’34 in house 6 direct

  2. I have been dating a young Virgo man for two years now, n its a big age difference. He made a confession to me saying he been thinkin bout me for over four years, n he ask me if we could be friends. It went way pass bein friends.he told me n showed me how much he cared n say he loved me. Now he wants only wants to be my friend. I cant see myself being his friend after all we

  3. Been through. Now he dont even call r text me until he gets ready. Im so done with him. I had to let him go so that I want start to hate him. His excusses , lies n whorerish ways of being with other women has turned me off. I dont text r call him anymore cuz he is selfish bout returnin my texts n calls.Am I wronh for goin on my way? Smdh!

  4. By the way Im a Pisces! He say Im the best. But yet I cant tell. But its all to the good. I just wish he would stop textin n callin me when he feel like he can r need me to be there when he is n need of me, a good woman! When it comes to sex I tell him No, go get it from da new women he pick up n da clubs. Women he dont know like he know me after over six years. Smdh n you guys say Virgo men r honest and caring

  5. They Virgo men r selfish n childish, they need to grow the hell up. Stop the BS n excusses . They think they r Gods gift to women , thats why they cant keep a girl friend r a wife. I told him things he didnt want to hear, which was the truth.

  6. hello! I’m a leo woman (August 16th) and I have been dating a virgo man for 10 months now. When we first started dating we use to bump heads alot. He never really likes to speak his mind. And I’m a leo, I always show how I feel. I’m still getting use to him. I want to know do he really loves me & can this be a long relationship. He always takes me on dates & surprise me with gifts every now and then. He introduced me to his family.

  7. well im a virgo woman and my partner of 5 years is a virgo man we dont argue or fight , we are a good match as we both know each others likes and dislikes ,we are always laughing and i dont think its the starsign its down to the man when its honesty and faithfulness , we both trust each other even though im 9 years younger than him

    its all to do with the man ladies

  8. I was, I thought I was, a good friend with a virgo guy. We work together and we became quite close, as friends. I started to trust him, and I told him things in my past. He couldn’t believe the bad, but was glad that I turned out the way I did. He saw the good in me. One night, as we were speaking, he asked me to kiss him. Now he knew I had never kissed a guy passionately, and yet he made this gesture to me. I said n0 at first, but we did the opposite…it was the best kiss ever though, nothing will and can compare to that. So we had a fling on. But the fact that we work together made it hard and almoast impossible to bare. He told me that I was special, and all kind of things, but things went sour, and I was left wondering if he reallllly meant the things he said and did? I am but still s0 inlove with him, I can hardly breathe when I’m around him… I doubt if the feeling is or ever was mutual. I still catch him staring at me, and when I d0 he looks away s0 quick, that it feels like my heart was ripped out in a split second.. Vorgo’s are cold hearted…and the have no remorse!

  9. Plus the fact that I’m a aquarian, did not reallllllllly help the situation. We all know that virgo’s are perfect and aquarians are exactly the opposite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to g0??? Please give me feedback!!! Be blessed

  10. Virgo men are no frigging good they lie and cheat big time never trust them run like hell I have been seeing a virgo for almost 6 years he gave me 2 stds

  11. Im a gemini true to form . I have been dating a virgo male for 4 months . Im 46 divorced heis 50 never been married , we both have adult children .1 month after we met he brought me a 3.6 ct ring , we have just rented a NICE home together(option to buy), and needless to say he loves me . OK this is the issue …… 1st he owns a resturant and had a grand opening which i was not invited, all of his lady friends where there, he gets text messages all hours of the night from his lady friend, is sneaky and watches porn , which i dont mine because i watch but he is so damn sneaky about it. he also tells HALF truths. so basically what im saying is Virgos are no different from any other man ! they all lie and cheat !!!!!!

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